Crazy Taxi City Rush alternatives

Crazy Taxi City Rush Alternatives

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Best Games Like Crazy Taxi City Rush

What are the best Games like Crazy Taxi City Rush in 2023? Here are the most similar Games we found. Enjoy these Alternatives to Crazy Taxi City Rush on your devices - Devices: Android, iPhone, iPad

  • alternatives to AMAZE!!!


    Description: Ready to solve amazing painting puzzles? This game will AMAZE you! Swipe to move the ball and paint - you’ve got to color and paint your way across the AMAZE maze puzzles. To fill in puzzles, fill each square to unlock more addictive AMAZE maze paint puzzles. Watch out! AMAZE gets harder as you play, color and paint the maze, and fill in puzzles! Painting the maze puzzles sounds easy, but you have to be super strategic t...
    Rated: 4/5 from 477327 votes || Price: Free || Download →

  • alternatives to Pick Me Up™

    Pick Me Up™

    Description: Have you ever wanted to be a ride share driver? Pick up and drop off customers to earn money and level up. Explore the world and discover new monuments. How To Play: - Tap and hold to drive - Release to brake - Avoid crashing - Collect cash and unlock cool cars Subscription Terms VIP Access offers a weekly subscription for $5.99 after a 3 day free trial. Upon purchase of this subscription, you will immediately receive: ...
    Rated: 4/5 from 243025 votes || Price: Free || Download →

  • alternatives to Driving Academy 2019 Simulator

    Driving Academy 2019 Simulator

    Description: Road signs and driving made simpler – just for you! Enroll in this virtual school of driving called the Driving Academy 2019 Simulator, and master your driving and parking skills. We bring to you the ultimate driving simulator, in which you’ve to now drive and follow all the road signs. Don’t take the wrong turns, follow the signals, wear the seat belt – it’s your one stop to becoming a perfect driver. Academy Mode...
    Rated: 4/5 from 163581 votes || Price: Free || Download →

  • alternatives to Flip Dunk

    Flip Dunk

    Description: Tap to jump and then hold your finger while in the air to flip....
    Rated: 4/5 from 139088 votes || Price: Free || Download →

  • alternatives to Restaurant Story

    Restaurant Story

    Description: Enjoy the #1 virtual restaurant game! Decorate a restaurant and share with your friends! Impress your customers with beautiful decorations and tasty treats! - DESIGN and build the perfect personalized restaurant! Stunning variety and unlimited creativity! - DECORATE with thousands of items, choose from tables, chairs, wallpaper, art, and more! - CUSTOMIZE a menu of delicious meals that makes tummies grumble for more! - SOCIA...
    Rated: 4/5 from 131653 votes || Price: Free || Download →

  • alternatives to Crazy Kick!

    Crazy Kick!

    Description: Get to the goal! Overtake your opponents, move swiftly and shoot goals! Dribble, pass and kick. Real football experience complete with easy controls and enjoyable movements....
    Rated: 4/5 from 94245 votes || Price: Free || Download →

  • alternatives to Train Taxi

    Train Taxi

    Description: Collect all the people to complete a level. The more passengers you have, the longer the train gets! Be aware of your tail, avoid the crash! Subscription Terms: VIP MEMBERSHIP Access offers a weekly subscription, you will have a 3-days FREE trial period, after this period you will be charged. After buying this subscription, you will unlock following features: exclusive VIP trains, free 100 gems every day, free 1000 coins eve...
    Rated: 4/5 from 86522 votes || Price: Free || Download →

  • alternatives to Crazy Snowboard Free

    Crazy Snowboard Free

    Description: >>> 28 new levels! 9 new dudes! 9 new boards! 8 new grabs!! <<< Download the #1 mobile snowboard game in the world with more than 15 million players - all new improved graphics and MFi game controller support! Get ready for some wicked-cool snowboarding action on your iPhone! Crazy Snowboard Free has something for everyone: - Game Center Awards and Leaderboards - In-air trick system: spin, flip and grab! - 30 missions - 4 ...
    Rated: 4/5 from 71541 votes || Price: Free || Download →

  • alternatives to Dr. Driving

    Dr. Driving

    Description: Dr. Parking came back as Dr. Driving! Dr. Driving drives you crazy! Burn up the street with the fastest and most visually stunning edition of the Dr. Parking series....
    Rated: 4/5 from 65800 votes || Price: Free || Download →

  • alternatives to Coin Rush!

    Coin Rush!

    Description: Get a rush from this super addictive level-based game. Roll your coin along the track and make sure it lands right smack into the slots. Avoid tricky obstacles like deadly spikes, secret doors and spinning gates. Beware of the speed ramp! It'll make your coin roll so fast, you'll need to be a pro to control it. Gain points as you pass levels. Ready to roll?...
    Rated: 4/5 from 57614 votes || Price: Free || Download →

  • alternatives to The Real Juggle

    The Real Juggle

    Description: Put your juggling skills to the test! Freestyle and channel your inner pro in The Real Juggle. How long can you keep the ball in the air? Can you stall and hold it? Fun and easy to pick up but don’t drop it... You will be ready for the World Cup in no time! Unlock new modes to test your skills. From hoops, to bricks, to freestyle, this game has it all! Can you achieve the legendary trick the “double around the world” ??...
    Rated: 4/5 from 49384 votes || Price: Free || Download →

  • alternatives to Run Sausage Run!

    Run Sausage Run!

    Description: Run, Sausage, run! Hot diggity dog, that’s a fine lookin’ hot dog! You never sausage a sausage! (Get it? Saw such… sausage? Anyone?) Stop punning and start running! Play as the tasty sausage of your choice. Weisswurst or blutwurst, bacon or chocolate… even plumber or cowboy! Run through an endless path as you flex that hot-dog body and avoid getting sliced, chopped, burned or smashed! Tons of juicy sausages to c...
    Rated: 4/5 from 42716 votes || Price: Free || Download →

  • alternatives to Crazy Kitchen: Match 3 Puzzles

    Crazy Kitchen: Match 3 Puzzles

    Description: Match tasty treats and delicious dishes in this match-3 adventure! You’re the new chef in town and your friends and family are your customers. Satisfy their hunger as you travel to various lands creating delicious bakery sweets, savory asian cuisine, scrumptious mexican fare, and more. Your customers will dance for joy over your cooking skills! Are you hungry for fun? Premium Ingredients: * Deliciously addictive match-...
    Rated: 5/5 from 40388 votes || Price: Free || Download →

  • alternatives to Parking Frenzy 2.0: Drive&park

    Parking Frenzy 2.0: Drive&park

    Description: Parking Frenzy brings the ultimate drive ‘n’ park experience! Get ready for hours of gameplay with 200+ levels, backed with 4 different weather situations: Autumn, Winter, Rain and Fog! Crazy huh? We’re not done just yet! Parking Frenzy 2.0 offers driving in 50 different, gorgeously designed cars, around two of the most beautiful cities in the world - New York City and London! Are you skilled enough to master the par...
    Rated: 4/5 from 39909 votes || Price: Free || Download →

  • alternatives to Tricky Taps

    Tricky Taps

    Description: Think you’re a puzzle master? Prove it. Let’s see how you do in this tricky puzzle game. Tap the levers to roll and bounce the ball along the track, without letting it drop or hit the spikes. Tons of super-cool and tricky obstacles to avoid. Collect stars and gems as you play. Choose from awesome skins - beach ball, spike ball, and more! Get rolling!...
    Rated: 4/5 from 33485 votes || Price: Free || Download →

  • alternatives to Toilet Time: Crazy Mini Games

    Toilet Time: Crazy Mini Games

    Description: Toilet time. Sometimes it’s soft and quick, sometimes it’s hard and it drags. But now it can be fun every time, because consistency is important! Fill your number 2 sessions with thrilling minigames that will have you addicted to the potty and turn your restroom breaks into s-pee-ctacular poo parties! These minigames are an absolute necessity! Take a peek: • Don’t drop the soap: tap the soap to avoid letting it fall ...
    Rated: 4/5 from 25738 votes || Price: Free || Download →

  • alternatives to Crazy Taxi City Rush

    Crazy Taxi City Rush

    Description: Drive crazy in SEGA’s all-new car racing game Crazy Taxi City Rush. Race through the city in your car to deliver your passengers on-time - the crazier you drive the higher your rewards! Your car, your rules - speed, drift, whip around corners, weave through traffic, up ramps, and into the air to race the clock. Build and fully customize a fun collection of modern and classic cabs ready to race. Drive your car and passengers ...
    Rated: 4/5 from 25322 votes || Price: Free || Download →

  • alternatives to Crazy Snowboard

    Crazy Snowboard

    Description: Download the #1 mobile snowboard game in the world with more than 15 million players! Get ready for some wicked-cool snowboarding action on your iPhone! Crazy Snowboard has something for everyone: - In-air trick system: spin, flip and grab! - 30 missions - 10 achievements to earn - 13 riders to unlock - 13 boards to unlock - 16 touch-activated in-air tricks to unlock - Grinding: rails, boxes, logs, candycanes! - Smashable ob...
    Rated: 4/5 from 22297 votes || Price: $0.99 || Download →

  • alternatives to Jump Ball-Bounce On Tower Tile

    Jump Ball-Bounce On Tower Tile

    Description: Tap to jump, adventure through the dangerous spiral tower road. Avoid all kinds of obstacles and help the ball jump to the last safe platform of each level. Beat the highest score on the leaderboard. Game features: -Simple one-touch operation -Various obstacles waiting for you to challenge -Rich game scenes and endless levels...
    Rated: 4/5 from 20918 votes || Price: Free || Download →

  • alternatives to Crazy Climber!

    Crazy Climber!

    Description: Get yourself into this new climbing adventure game. Travel around the world and climb the most dangerous cliffs, race against others, complete bonus levels and be the best climber. Also be aware that the pickaxes can go crazy ! The rules are simple : - Tap to stick the pickaxes into the cliff - Avoid the obstacles - Get to the crazy pickaxes state - Have fun!...
    Rated: 4/5 from 17221 votes || Price: Free || Download →

  • alternatives to Crazy Shopping

    Crazy Shopping

    Description: Crazy Shopping will have you in hysterics! This fun, crazy shopping game uses ragdoll physics to create as much chaos while you shop! Upgrade your shopping squad and time to collect as much stuff as you can carry, the better the item the more money you get. Can you buy everything? Crazy Shopping features: - Crazy and wacky ragdoll physics - Fun and addictive gameplay - Colorful graphics - New stores and items to unlock SUB...
    Rated: 4/5 from 16979 votes || Price: Free || Download →

  • alternatives to Cupcake Maker Games

    Cupcake Maker Games

    Description: Create yummy,sweet cupcakes in the original Cupcake Maker game! Bake your way to delicious creations in the very best cupcake maker game out there! Choose your cake mix from a variety of flavors. Next, add the eggs, oil, and water and stir until a smooth batter is formed. Now it’s time to choose which liners you want. How about bold colored foil, decorative, or traditional? Maybe one of each! After you have carefu...
    Rated: 4/5 from 16611 votes || Price: Free || Download →

  • alternatives to Snake VS. Colors

    Snake VS. Colors

    Description: You’re a slithery sssnake, and the colors are out to get you. Slither and slide your way through deadly color obstacles. Drag your finger left or right to avoid them. You can only touch colors that are the same color as you. Look out! Colors change sssuper fast, and you need to think like a snake and be quick to keep up. Sssslither away! Please be advised: this game contains flashing lights....
    Rated: 4/5 from 16149 votes || Price: Free || Download →

  • alternatives to Run Ball - Jump On Helix Road

    Run Ball - Jump On Helix Road

    Description: Exciting adventure trip of climbing helix tower! Tap to jump, make your ball jump over the pits and obstacles, earn diamonds and unlock new interesting balls. Easy one-tap controls, rich visual effects and addictive gameplay. Beat your high score and compete with others to hit the best score in the world!...
    Rated: 4/5 from 15238 votes || Price: Free || Download →

  • alternatives to Crazy Basketball

    Crazy Basketball

    Description: ☆TOP 2 APP IN USA, UK☆ ☆☆WITH GAME CENTER MULTIPLAYER☆☆ ☆☆☆MORE THEN 6OO,OOO PLAYERS!!!☆☆☆ ☆Crazy Basketball game for the iPhone and iPod gives you a fun and different way to play basketball a using physics engine. Just Fun and Simple☆ Crazy Basketball have a physical engine, interesting backgrounds with Hundreds of animations and dozens of achievements. ☆FEATURES☆ Diffrent Balls with diff...
    Rated: 4/5 from 13496 votes || Price: Free || Download →

  • alternatives to Flick Golf!

    Flick Golf!

    Description: Play the most addictive golf game! No.1 Sports Game in over 100 Countries. "Impossible to put down" - EUROGAMER No clubs. No rules. Flick, spin and curve your shots to sink the perfect hole-in-one. Watch out for hazards! Bunkers, trees, sand and wind will all challenge your skills as you drive for the high score. Flick Golf is just the most fun you'll have on the fairway, but practice makes perfect! The question is, can you...
    Rated: 4/5 from 10010 votes || Price: $0.99 || Download →

  • alternatives to Crazy Taxi Classic

    Crazy Taxi Classic

    Description: Hey hey, come on over and have some fun with Crazy Taxi, SEGA's ground-breaking, open-world driving game. Here. We. Go! Play for free and earn craaaazy money! Barrel through traffic packed streets, hurdle off parking garages, and crazy combo your way to crazy money in a wild frantic race to scare up the most fares. In Crazy Taxi, time is money, and only the craziest cabbies come out victorious. Crazy Taxi joins the SEGA Fore...
    Rated: 4/5 from 9548 votes || Price: Free || Download →

  • alternatives to KamiCrazy


    Description: Try the most entertaining iPhone game for FREE in this 8 level fully featured action-puzzle title. The fearsome KamiCrazy soldiers have crash landed in the jungle on return from battle! They need to get back to their ship to continue their hell-bent war efforts but the treacherous terrain and dangerous locals aren't going to make that task easy. It's your task to guide the KamiCrazy soldiers and you'll need to flick, push, nu...
    Rated: 2/5 from 9427 votes || Price: Free || Download →

  • alternatives to Crazy Rolling Hero

    Crazy Rolling Hero

    Description: Roll through touch left and right, rotating each level to solve the puzzle and guide our spherical hero to each portal. GAME FEATURES: •Over 50 levels of rotating fun. •Two game play modes - 1.Regular 2. Time Based •Simply touch controls mean anyone can play! •Fun physics puzzles that will have players scratching their heads. •Cute and colorful visuals bursting with life. •UNIVERSAL: Works great on iPad and iPhone...
    Rated: 5/5 from 9310 votes || Price: Free || Download →

  • alternatives to Sweet Candy Maker Games

    Sweet Candy Maker Games

    Description: Now make 18 sweet & yummy, crazy candy. Be an awesome food chef - make every candy with fun machines, chocolate, bubble gum and more! Sour strips and fruity bursts just added. Sour Strips - A touch of tangy with the sweet of sugar! Make some now! So yummy and fun. Fruity Bursts - Choose a fruit snack flavor and fill it put with juice! Don't let it burst! Candy Bars - Add layer after layer of goodness such as ch...
    Rated: 4/5 from 9094 votes || Price: Free || Download →