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Waze Navigation Live Traffic Alternatives

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Best Apps Like Waze Navigation Live Traffic

What are the best Apps like Waze Navigation Live Traffic in 2023? Here are the most similar Apps we found. Enjoy these Alternatives to Waze Navigation & Live Traffic on your devices - Devices: Android, iPhone, iPad

  • alternatives to Waze Navigation & Live Traffic

    Waze Navigation & Live Traffic

    Description: Always know what’s happening on the road with Waze. Even if you know the way, Waze tells you instantly about traffic, construction, police, crashes, & more. If traffic is bad on your route, Waze will change it to save you time. Why Waze? ◦ See what’s happening - Alerts about traffic, police, hazards and more on your drive ◦ Get there faster - Instant routing changes to avoid traffic and save you time ◦ Easily listen...
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  • alternatives to Radarbot: Speedcams Detector

    Radarbot: Speedcams Detector

    Description: Radarbot is your ally on the road. It’s the only application that combines real-time Alerts with the best speed camera detection system using GPS. 100% legal and reliable. Drive safely and forget about fines forever. With Radarbot, you’ll have the best speed camera warning device, real-time traffic Alerts and an advanced speedometer, all in one powerful application. - SPEED CAMERA DETECTOR Have complete peace of mind at...
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  • alternatives to INRIX Traffic

    INRIX Traffic

    Description: Always know what’s happening on the road ahead, so you can arrive at your destination safely and on-time. INRIX Traffic gives you live traffic information including congestion, road conditions, construction, police activity, accidents and more, all in real-time. Key Features: - Live traffic and routing to avoid congestion and other delays - Safety alerts to protect you from sudden slowdowns and weather related road condit...
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  • alternatives to Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps

    Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps

    Description: Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps is the world’s most advanced navigation app. Lots of smart navigation features, beautiful 3D offline maps and easy to use interface provide exceptional navigation experience. Get Sygic GPS Navigation and join over 200 million happy drivers. NAVIGATE ANYWHERE, EVEN WITHOUT AN INTERNET CONNECTION • Offline maps of all countries in the world, from TomTom and other providers • Free map updates mu...
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  • alternatives to MapQuest GPS Navigation & Maps

    MapQuest GPS Navigation & Maps

    Description: Get where you need to go with the MapQuest turn-by-turn GPS Navigation app. Whether it’s using voice navigation for walking or driving directions or exploring points of interests on the map, MapQuest has the tools you need to navigate the United States and Canada. Map and Navigation Features: • Up-to-date satellite imagery • Turn-by-turn voice navigation for walking and driving directions • Real-time traffic updates...
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  • alternatives to Car Navigation: GPS & Maps

    Car Navigation: GPS & Maps

    Description: Sygic Car Navigation app is specially optimized to work with your car's built-in infotainment system via smartphone to dash connectivity. Once you connect the smartphone via USB cable to your vehicle, the navigation app is adapted and allows you to project the navigation directly onto the infotainment screen. Using Sygic Car Navigation is convenient, comfortable, much safer and brings many advanced navigation features which yo...
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  • alternatives to Waze Carpool

    Waze Carpool

    Description: Upgrade your commute by carpooling with Waze. Plan your rides and match with fellow commuters going your way. It's easy, affordable and eco-friendly. Why Waze Carpool? - Schedule your rides for the week and stay on track with reminders - Filter your matches based on gender, workplace, and personalized groups - Share the cost of commuting - Say hello to the express lane - Reduce traffic and help the planet NOTICE: The Waze...
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  • alternatives to Pure Gas

    Pure Gas

    Description: CORE LOCATION SERVICES MUST BE ENABLED Pure Gas is a simple front end app for the popular website pure-gas.org. You get a list of 100 ethanol-free gas stations sorted nearest to furthest. Just click on the one you like, and get driving directions! Use the map view and find a pure gas station anywhere you want to go! In addition to locating the nearest ethanol-free fuel station, you can track and save the following inform...
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  • alternatives to TantuMap (Offline Navigation)

    TantuMap (Offline Navigation)

    Description: TantuMap is an Easy map and GPS navigation, designed for travelers. Overall information cover over 200+ countries. Also designed for offline use, NO internet connection is required! √ FULLY OFFLINE USE Search anywhere , navigate anywhere, even without an internet connection. √ WORLDWIDE Cover over 200+ countries, millions of interesting places. √ DESIGNED FOR TRAVELERS Highlight the best hotels, restau...
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  • alternatives to Hudway Go: Navigation with HUD

    Hudway Go: Navigation with HUD

    Description: Hudway Go is a simple GPS navigation app for drivers. It keeps it very intuitive and non-distracting, displaying just the outline of the road you’re driving and your next manoeuvre. *** "Hudway is one of the cleverest driving apps we've seen" — CNET "Hudway app is unbelievably cool for one special reason: It actually lets you see your directions and route right on your windshield" — USA Today "Hudway HUD tool will re...
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  • alternatives to Speedometer One Speed Tracker

    Speedometer One Speed Tracker

    Description: Turn your iPhone and iPad into a Speedometer with Speedometer One! Speedometer One is also suitable for cars, boats, motorcycle, or other types of vehicles. We have various features to make Speedometer the best speed tracker apps for IOS devices. We use GPS to track your speed and alert you when you are over the speed limit. There are other features that will be useful for you such as Night Mode, HUD screen, and many more. ...
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  • alternatives to Traffie Navigation & Alerts

    Traffie Navigation & Alerts

    Description: Traffie Navigation provide exceptional navigation experience. Traffie tells you instantly about traffic, construction, accidents, crashes, & more. Avoid traffic delays with real-time traffic information about situation on the road. Receive traffic alerts when you're driving. Whether on holiday, taking a weekend trip or heading off somewhere as yet unfamiliar – with Traffie, you can be sure of getting there quickly and saf...
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  • alternatives to kmaps.co - Offline Nav & Maps

    kmaps.co - Offline Nav & Maps

    Description: kMaps is a free offline navigation tool that helps you get around anywhere without an internet connection. Download and navigate with offline maps on your next trip, search for restaurants, gas stations, beaches, and any other point of interest you can think of. Favorite the most memorable places for later or set up a travel itinerary to tour New York. Enjoy everything you see in 3D. Get from here to there online or offline! ...
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  • alternatives to CarOS® — Powerful dashboard

    CarOS® — Powerful dashboard

    Description: CarOS® is a brand new dashboard app entirely designed to be used on screen device as the head unit, or when you're parked to find your car easily. This new copilot application will offer you the best and useful features when you are in your car, and give you the safest way to drive with your mobile device. This new application is compatible with ALL the brands and ALL the models of cars. You just need to have a phone mount a...
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  • alternatives to TomTom GO Navigation

    TomTom GO Navigation

    Description: Offline Navigation, Online Experience Stay updated: - Maps À La Carte: Save mobile data with offline maps. The app's maps are customizable, based on what you need and when - you decide! - Weekly Map Updates: Helping you steer clear of blocked roads and stay within speed limits, even when you are offline. - Moving Lane Guidance: End the guesswork and the indecision - know what lane is yours for junctions and exits with Moving...
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  • alternatives to Ways for Waze

    Ways for Waze

    Description: “Ways for Waze” extends the capabilities of Waze with hands-free orders and extra features. Hands-free orders: - Just say the address to the app and the navigation of Waze will start instantly ! (With no clicks at all). - POI search around you by voice (Points Of Interest: gas stations, restaurants, toilets, shops… in general, or by exact name). - ETA - see eta time for any Waze destination just by saying its name. (no ...
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  • alternatives to Green Wave - Traffic Cameras and Live Alerts, Maps

    Green Wave - Traffic Cameras and Live Alerts, Maps

    Description: Tired of sitting in the traffic jam? We give you live traffic camera images, traffic incidents in major US cities and Singapore! Record your daily commutes and we will let you know if something happens along your frequented routes so you won't waste time anymore! - Official traffic information in US, Australia, Western EU - live traffic camera feeds (in major US cities and Singapore) - navigate from A to B by checking all tra...
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