Prank air horn, fart, clipper alternatives

Prank air horn fart clip Alternatives

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Best Apps Like Prank air horn fart clip

What are the best Apps like Prank air horn fart clip in 2023? Here are the most similar Apps we found. Enjoy these Alternatives to Prank air horn, fart, clipper on your devices - Devices: Android, iPhone, iPad

  • alternatives to iFunny – hot memes and videos

    iFunny – hot memes and videos

    Description: Love and iFunny - the only two things you can enjoy without being good at. And if for some reason you are not having much of the first one you can still indulge yourself in the world of fun. Some scientifically proven facts about iFunny: - nobody wants to miss a fresh set of features. - iFunny is not the same without you. - be it a boring class or a slow day at work, iFunny is always there for you. - iFunny users are 146% happ...
    Rated: 4/5 from 128305 votes || Price: Free || Download →

  • alternatives to Barbie Magical Fashion

    Barbie Magical Fashion

    Description: Budge Studios™ presents Barbie™ Magical Fashion, where you can transform into a princess, mermaid, fairy, hero or a combination of all four! Design a beautiful outfit, style your hair, and add glittering accessories and colorful make up! Ready to start your magical journey? Anything is possible when you dream big with Barbie! FEATURES • Design a variety of hairstyles and add streaks of color to her hair • Apply beauti...
    Rated: 4/5 from 88845 votes || Price: Free || Download →

  • alternatives to Airtime: Watch Together

    Airtime: Watch Together

    Description: Airtime lets you watch content and video chat in real time. Watch what you want, and be with who you want, anytime. With Airtime, you’ll enjoy the best parts of hanging out with friends and family on the couch, without having to share your popcorn. What’s different about Airtime: We’re all about keeping it close and truly social. So you can: - Watch content with your favorite people. Signal your friends to watch and l...
    Rated: 4/5 from 71212 votes || Price: Free || Download →

  • alternatives to PrankDial - #1 Prank Call App

    PrankDial - #1 Prank Call App

    Description: The original and best prank call app. PrankDial™, with over 200 million prank calls sent and non-stops laughs globally, we're here with our best experience yet! Enjoy a break and make everyone’s day better with up to three free calls daily and hundreds of pranks. What’s New?? - Free users can now save their calls to their own prank call history - New prank calls added - Improved design and user experience - Comment on...
    Rated: 4/5 from 68518 votes || Price: Free || Download →

  • alternatives to Pranks


    Description: Love playing pranks on your friends? Download Pranks!...
    Rated: 2/5 from 46074 votes || Price: Free || Download →

  • alternatives to Prankster - Prank Call App

    Prankster - Prank Call App

    Description: Priceless boredom buster! Best prank call app to have fun with your friends, relatives, co-workers. Prank anyone you like around the world with hundreds of pranks in several languages. Enjoy our app with three FREE daily prank calls. What's new? - Free 3 prank calls each day - New prank call scenarios added (over 100 prank call scenarios) - Get free prank calls by inviting friends to install our app App is very easy to us...
    Rated: 4/5 from 25134 votes || Price: Free || Download →

  • alternatives to Ghost Detector Radar Camera

    Ghost Detector Radar Camera

    Description: Find ghosts and communicate with spirits, using this app's groundbreaking ultra-realistic experience. The only ghost detector app that shows you detected ghosts like they are actually floating in your home. = Instructions = 1) Start the app 2) Walk around and find a ghost 3) Select a question and wait for the spirit to answer Disclaimer: since paranormal activity can't be scientifically proven, we can't guarantee that the ...
    Rated: 4/5 from 22347 votes || Price: Free || Download →

  • alternatives to Shave Me!

    Shave Me!

    Description: “Shave Me!” combines the fun of touch-screen games with the precision of the perfect close shave in a universal app with optimized play and graphics for any device. Features: -Tattoo kit tools let you create and share any tattoos you want with nearly endless ink color choices! -Waxing Kit tools let you remove hair with a satisfying rip! -Photo Shaving lets you use your own photos as custom “skin” -Shake your device...
    Rated: 3/5 from 21916 votes || Price: Free || Download →

  • alternatives to Prank Caller - Prank Call App

    Prank Caller - Prank Call App

    Description: Prank call your friends with tons of prank call scenarios with Prank Caller. Your friends won't know it's not a real person prank calling them, and you'll get to listen live to the call. Prank Caller is the #1 best prank call app on the market. We also take requests for pranks, so be sure to send us an email with what you'd like to see. Using Prank Caller is as easy as: 1. Select a Prank 2. Enter a friends number 3. Send the...
    Rated: 4/5 from 20578 votes || Price: Free || Download →

  • alternatives to Funny Voice Changer Effects

    Funny Voice Changer Effects

    Description: Transform your voice into funny chipmunk voice with Funny Voice Changer Effects App. Simply tap to record and then choose from 10+ funny video effects.Create Insanely Funny videos with hilarious Video effects with chipmunk voice. You can have a big head like Alien or a big Fat face or a Square chin. FEATURES - 10+ funny video effects - 30 seconds video recording time - Unlimited voice recording and savings of effects - Save...
    Rated: 5/5 from 19150 votes || Price: Free || Download →

  • alternatives to Razor Prank App Funny Clipper

    Razor Prank App Funny Clipper

    Description: Prank your friends with clipper! "Ruin" friends' hairstyle or beard with vibrating, realistic electric razor App Real razor or shaver is no good for jokes and pranks :) This app turns your iPhone into clipper to scare and prank your friends. ▼ Switch on the trimmer ▼ Sneak up on your friends from behind ▼ Bring the top part of the phone close to their hair ▼ "Ruin" their perfect hairdo :) ► Have Fun! This ...
    Rated: 4/5 from 18276 votes || Price: Free || Download →

  • alternatives to Prank Stun Gun Shocker App

    Prank Stun Gun Shocker App

    Description: Free stun gun on your phone! Sneak up and PRANK your friends! This app will help you have fun with friends without hurting anyone.. Real stun gun is no good for jokes and pranks :) Features: ► Beautiful designs ► Realistic, high quality sounds ► Multiple skins and sounds ► Vibration on contact - to feel more real ► Huge prank capability :) ► Have fun and share! Leave your suggestions in reviews for future upd...
    Rated: 4/5 from 15117 votes || Price: Free || Download →

  • alternatives to Hair Trimmer Prank!

    Hair Trimmer Prank!

    Description: Turn your iPhone or iPad into a fake shaving machine with this razor prank app! Download this app now and start playing one of the most popular practical jokes on your friends! This app turns your device into a fake shaving machine or electric razor. It simulates a real razor sound so that if you place it on someone’s head they’re going to think you are actually cutting their hair! It is an ultimate harmless prank to pull...
    Rated: 4/5 from 14384 votes || Price: Free || Download →

  • alternatives to Hair Color Changer - Styles Salon & Recolor Booth

    Hair Color Changer - Styles Salon & Recolor Booth

    Description: Did you ever imagine what you’d look like with purple hair? Or other color that you have no courage to have a try. Now, with this wonderful streamlined app, changing your hair color couldn’t be easier! Features: - Huge range of hair colors to choose from - Add multiple color streaks to make you look gorgeous - Smart tools help you edit the color easily - Share with your friends via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. S...
    Rated: 4/5 from 12688 votes || Price: Free || Download →

  • alternatives to ‧Solitaire


    Description: Play the #1 FREE SOLITAIRE (or Klondike Solitaire) card game on iPhone/iPad! Classic Solitaire, also known as Solitaire Free: card games for adults, is the most popular solitaire card game in the world. Try our BEST FREE SOLITAIRE card app, which is beautiful and fun like classic Windows Solitaire. Features: * Beautiful graphics * Klondike gameplay * Unlimited free undo * Unlimited free hints * Option for All Winning deals *...
    Rated: 4/5 from 11160 votes || Price: Free || Download →

  • alternatives to Laugh My App Off - Funny Jokes

    Laugh My App Off - Funny Jokes

    Description: Laugh My App Off is the new way of getting your “HAHA’s and LOL’s” on the go! It’s been scientifically proven that laughter is the best medicine and with Laugh My App Off, it is guaranteed to give you the best chuckles all day long. We’ve compiled hundreds of the best and entertaining jokes all around, to put a smile on your face, post and share with your friends to keep the fun going! You’ll be laughing your ?...
    Rated: 5/5 from 10277 votes || Price: Free || Download →

  • alternatives to Big Button Box - funny sound effects & loud sounds

    Big Button Box - funny sound effects & loud sounds

    Description: Big Button Box™ gives you OVER 100 individual BIG BUTTONS that let off the BEST BOOMING FUNNY SOUNDS! There's nothing more satisfying than touching awesome buttons and hearing extra-loud, over-amplified, ear-piercing sound effects... and Big Button Box is the fully-featured sound effects app that let's you do this over and over and over! *** OVER 5,000 5-STAR REVIEWS! *** * "One of my favorite apps!" * "...
    Rated: 4/5 from 10094 votes || Price: $0.99 || Download →

  • alternatives to Pranks °

    Pranks °

    Description: All the best Pranks in one AMAZING GAME! Do you enjoy playing pranks on your friends and family? Download this App with all the best pranks in one place! PRANKS FOR: --> School --> Birthdays --> April Fool's Day --> Computers --> Cars --> The Office *** Share the pranks with friends *** Endless hours of Fun! Pranks - Prank Just For Laughs Subscription Information - You may try the app for free with free trial and contin...
    Rated: 4/5 from 7622 votes || Price: Free || Download →

  • alternatives to Girls Hair Salon Unicorn

    Girls Hair Salon Unicorn

    Description: Child-Friendly • No Ads • Parental Controls ABOUT PAZU Pazu is a mobile games company that creates and publish beautiful digital games especially designed for kids. GIRLS HAIR SALON - UNICORN Girls Hair Salon - Unicorn is a fun and interactive game from developers PAZU Games. Now you can own your own unicorn hair salon where you can color, cut, and dress your very own animated girls! Become the fashion stylist you’ve a...
    Rated: 4/5 from 7258 votes || Price: Free || Download →

  • alternatives to Big Button Box 2 Lite - funny sound effect sounds

    Big Button Box 2 Lite - funny sound effect sounds

    Description: Big Button Box™ 2 Free is a box of AWESOME BUTTONS that make MEGA-LOUD SOUNDS! Get it now and start ANNOYING YOUR FRIENDS!...
    Rated: 4/5 from 6617 votes || Price: Free || Download →

  • alternatives to Call Voice Changer - IntCall

    Call Voice Changer - IntCall

    Description: -- The funniest app in the world! Over 10,000,000 downloads!!! -- Want to have some fun with your friends over phone calls? Change your voice in real time and add crazy sound effects the next time you're on the phone with Call Voice Changer - IntCall. It's the ultimate app for making funny phone calls. Make your voice high and funny or deep and creepy at the touch of a button. -new users get some minutes for free for limite...
    Rated: 4/5 from 6481 votes || Price: Free || Download →

  • alternatives to Air Horn LOUD Free

    Air Horn LOUD Free

    Description: Louder than other airhorn apps! "Of all the airhorn apps this one is the loudest with 3 different sounds. I like it..." -mica21 Air Horn LOUD is LOUDER than other air horns in the store! It's LOUD! The app includes 3 different realistic Air Horn sounds FOR FREE with both iPad and iPhone 4 Retina HD Graphics! Tap on the horn you want, and shake to make it LOUD! Shake harder to make it LOUDER! Great for sporting events, gra...
    Rated: 3/5 from 6365 votes || Price: Free || Download →

  • alternatives to Prank Dial: Ownage Prank Calls

    Prank Dial: Ownage Prank Calls

    Description: * Awesome funny prank call app! * Hilarious call recorded by your favorite characters! * You can record the call and share with friends! HOW TO USE THE APP? Step 1: Pick a scenario from our library of pre-recorded scripts Step 2: Select a contact - (who you wanna to gag) Step 3: Hit send - the Ownage Prank dial App will do the rest! KEY FEATURES - Tons of call scripts and practical jokes to choose from - Our smart scripts ar...
    Rated: 4/5 from 5420 votes || Price: Free || Download →

  • alternatives to INCREDIMOJI Celebrity FaceSwap

    INCREDIMOJI Celebrity FaceSwap

    Description: Incredimoji lets you seamlessly swap your face, in real-time, and replace it with an insane amount of choices - including celebrities, emojis, rappers, politicians, famous musicians, TV and movie stars, cartoons, animals and much more! Incredimoji live face filters will move, contour, adjust, talk and mimic your facial movements - just like it was your own. Their face is now your face - so it’s perfect for Pranking! With I...
    Rated: 4/5 from 4560 votes || Price: Free || Download →

  • alternatives to Pimp My Hair

    Pimp My Hair

    Description: Pimp My Hair delivers hilarious hairdo’s and hair-don’ts. Go from blah to baller in no time. FAMOUS PEOPLE LOVE US “So awesome” - Faux News “Totally worth it” - Fawbes “Hilarious” - President Omaha REDECORATE YOUR DOME Pimp My Hair is the best thing that has ever happened to your face. Snap a pic or choose one from your library and let our revolutionary hair-matching algorithm automagically take you from fu...
    Rated: 4/5 from 4112 votes || Price: Free || Download →

  • alternatives to Barbie™ Fashion Closet

    Barbie™ Fashion Closet

    Description: Welcome to Barbie™ Fashion Closet - the perfect game to express yourself with fashion! Style Barbie and her friends from head to toe and help them make their dreams come true. Choose a character and create fashionable looks! Apply makeup to Barbie and her friends while using fun face stencils to draw and color pretty designs. Be creative with hairdos by selecting from different styles and colors! Choose from hundreds of to...
    Rated: 4/5 from 3936 votes || Price: Free || Download →

  • alternatives to Hair Color Booth™

    Hair Color Booth™

    Description: Change the color of your hair! Ever wonder what you'd look like with pink hair? Or how about a few blue streaks? Hair Color Booth lets you find out.. *** From the makers of Sketch Me! and Graffiti Me! The No. 1 Entertainment app in Australia, UK, Denmark and Sweden! *** Hair Color Booth makes it easy to digitally dye your hair that color you’ve always wanted to, from punk hair styles to blonde or brunette. Choose from a...
    Rated: 3/5 from 3289 votes || Price: Free || Download →

  • alternatives to Even More Cowbell

    Even More Cowbell

    Description: You need More Cowbell You need Even More Cowbell Shake it or tap it to get More Cowbell Jam Cowbell with your music library! Get more Tambourine or more Bongos too! Why pay for More Cowbell when you can get Even More Cowbell for free?...
    Rated: 3/5 from 3131 votes || Price: Free || Download →

  • alternatives to Voice Change.r Prank Recorder

    Voice Change.r Prank Recorder

    Description: Change your voice in fun and amazing ways with this Completely FREE app! Choose from dozens of funny sound effects. This is a must-have tool for recording your voices or other sounds. It allows you to record sounds and instantly apply special effects to make it cool. You can choose to sound like man, woman, child or other fancy effects. With a wide range of sound effects, your recording can be modified to better match your fe...
    Rated: 4/5 from 3024 votes || Price: Free || Download →

  • alternatives to Vuvuzela Button

    Vuvuzela Button

    Description: Drive your friends crazy with the Vuvuzela Button, the world's most ANNOYING HORN! The Vuvuzela Button contains two buttons: (1) The Vuvuzela Button lets you play a massive blast from the magnificent instrument (2) Stadium Vuvuzela Button simulates the chaotic sound of a South African football stadium full of Vuvuzelas! Features / instructons: - Vuvuzela Button: Touch to blast it loud as many times as you like! -Stadium ...
    Rated: 3/5 from 2859 votes || Price: Free || Download →